Feb. 11, 2017

Book Blurb

After graduating from college in the early 1980’s, Lee finds himself back in his hometown in Florida. Having little ambition to do anything but fire up a bong hit, golf or go surfing, he is nevertheless forced into making his next move. Fleeing a cookie cutter life he knows he is not cut out for, he takes an assignment with the Peace Corps. Far away from his clubs and surfboard, he experiences a traditional African society as it runs headlong into the late 20th century, the clash resulting in a journey stranger than any psychedelic trip he ever took in college. Finding life at his remote post to be more challenging than a downhill 4-foot putt, and as beautiful as 6-foot swell, he sets out on an impromptu journey of self-realization. In the burgeoning nation of Burkina Faso, among other adventures, he tangles with American pro wrestlers, witnesses a performance of "the show off defecator," encounters "accidental transvestites," and sees a man wearing ski boots in the blazing heat of the Sahel.  Based on a true story, Would Be Skiers and Accidental Transvestites: A Peace Corps Tale is an irreverent, humorous and insightful look into both African civilization and the life of a Peace Corps volunteer just before the dawn of the age of the internet in post-colonial French West Africa.