Hi, thanks so much for visiting. Here on this website you can find out about my upcoming book, Would Be Skiers and Accidental Transvestites: A Peace Corps Tale, which is getting close to going to the editors. It is a work based on the memories of my time in the Peace Corps over 30 years ago. Oh, how time flies when you are having fun as they say!  

     In addition, you can access some short stories set in places I have lived and taught in this wonderfully diverse and fascinating world of ours.

      Nick’s Surprise concerns with the most famous ghost in Thailand, a place I called home for over 10 years.

    Late For Class and Another Commute give a look inside contemporary Saudi Arabia. Another place I have worked, KSA is a country that is understandably incredibly misunderstood due to the restrictions placed on visiting the vast desert kingdom which occupies most of the Arabian peninsula.

     While finishing work on Would Be Skiers, I have stories planned on other places my nomadic life has taken me.  My upcoming story on South Korea, Shitfaced is probably next to be added to the site and hopefully will be up soon.

     Special thanks to Phil at ajarn.com and Jimmy at Jimmy ESL. Having written a few blogs for his wonderful site, Phil and I have had a cyber relationship for a number of years, while I had the privilege of actually sharing a teacher's room with Jimmy working alongside him in Washington D.C.'s most lovable and at times zaniest language school. 

    Again, thanks for visiting and please feel free to sign the guestbook. Comments are truly appreciated. If you would like to be notified when the book is published, leave a note. Like everyone else spam bothers me, and unless requested you won't be notified, and of course your email will never be shared. 

     I hope you enjoy the site and get just a little taste of the fun that I have writing, and in some cases living the stories.